Thursday, June 4, 2015

Morgan's now serving Dunn Brothers Coffee and Rishi Organic Tea

Effective Wednesday, May 20th, we (Morgan’s Farm to Table and Nicollet Inn Banquets) will be serving the Twin Cities local treasure, Dunn Brother’s Coffee! (a local company - founded and based out of Minneapolis, MN).  The varieties of coffee that will be served include Full City Coffee (Medium Roast) and a Columbian Decaf Coffee (French Roast). 

We will also be serving RISHI Iced and Hot Teas! RISHI IS ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE!!
We currently stock SIX varieties of hot tea:
•             Earl Gray
•             Yunnan Breakfast
•             Chamomile Medley
•             Jasmine
•             Blueberry Rooibos
•             Peppermint Rooibos

       Our fresh-brewed Iced Tea is also a RISHI product and is a classic Black Tea.
 More information on Dunn Brothers & Rishi Tea can be found @:

 From Dunn Brothers website:
"The Official Home of Taste started in 1987, by two brothers, Ed and Dan Dunn in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Committed to flavor and freshness, their model was simple: roast the beans in the store and eliminate the usual channels that compromise how delicious a cup of coffee could actually be.
Seven years later, Chris Eilers and Skip Fay become the first franchisees. In 1998 Chris and Skip purchase the franchise rights to grow the Dunn Brothers brand to help expand the availability of the remarkable standard of flavor and taste Dunn Brothers was known for (in fact, City Page readers have voted Dunn Brothers the best cup of coffee in the Twin Cities over 10 times)."

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